We are so happy to present you our new edition of InnoSoft:
InnoSoft Advance V3


InnoSoft Advanced V3.1 - with Internet Access

SD FREE Universal - InnoGames Compatible
Works with all Innovatek models

Download 94MB
InnoSoft Advanced V3.1
Latest Update

26th August 2011

InnoGames Pack - You need InnoSoftV3 or Higher
to be installed for InnoGames .exe to work

We have sort out for you the Top Coolest Apps in the directory:

How to install Apps?

Very simple just download the wanted (.exe) and (.bmp) to your SD Card in the folder:
Basically the folder InnoGames should be in the root folder of your SD Card.

After Just Click on the Apps
-Import Games ( This will import all your InnoGames, ensure no duplicated )
-Removed Games ( This will removed all the InnoGames )
-Clean Games ( This will removed all the Games not located on your SD Card. )
These Apps are already located in your InnoGames Menu. (Main InnoSoft Interface)

(Note: For each InnoGames you want you need to download the .exe and the .bmp of the particular Game you want.
Both the .exe and the .bmp should be the same name)

Have Fun!

InnoSoft have now
over 1000's Free Apps
As of 25 May 2011 we have 1188 Apps
to download for your Innovatek CAR DVD Player.


Make sure to download Latest Update from InnoSoft
Download 94MB : InnoSoft Advanced V3.1
Latest Update
26th August 2011

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Add your own Apps!
Customizing your program application have never been simpler than this.
We make it as simple as 1 2 3.
Changing the TEXT Display, the Application .Exe Path or even the iCon Display Picture have never been simpler.

We take care of everything even croping your picture to
57pixel x 57pixel as the default program size.

Have Fun Pimping your Stuff.


Since pretty much all CAR DVD in the market run WINDOWS CE due to GPS capability, we have decided to create new interface software that anybody could customize and make as powerful as they want.

We have design this interface mainly in focus of filling a need in the CAR DVD Player market.

Our simple software use the latest development kit available currently in the market.
Everything has been written by us. .EXE .DLL all of it. And we believed we can do any effect in the market.
We follow current .NET architecture to ensure compatibility.
Now it cannot be simpler to program something compatible in all platforms
From Windows 7, Vista and XP to Window CE 4.2 5 6 7 Mobile...
If you want the software to work in different version of WINDOWS.
Just change the InnoSoft.exe and .dll file in the root. Keep all the rest intact. So Cool.
So in that case all the setting files over Skins, App, Thumb will be leave untouched between version of Window

The idea is simple. Now you can easily program all your interface style on your PC and save it on a SD card to RUN it on any CAR DVD Player running Windows CE platform.

Customize your CAR DVD and Impress your friend like never before.
OK so follow me here because it cannot be simpler:

Now you can create advance interface style windows with latest sliding and dragging effect.
You basically just need to input multiple "iCon Table" into a giving windows size. In that Case 480x234 the screen size.
BTW all DVD from Innovatek since the beginning use 480x234 RGB Screen, so all the DVD's that have a external GPS Box cable can enjoy this new software in 480x234.

There is a file in the root Called MAIN.XML

Here is what you see inside:

### Here you decide first the size of our cell. In that case Width of 80 pixels and Height of 72 pixels
<cell width="80" height="72"/>

### After you just need to insert table with a Horizontale or a Vertical effect.
<main1 x="0" y="18" row="2" col="5">
#include_xml "main1.xml"

<main2 x="0" y="162" row="1" col="5">
#include_xml "main2.xml"

<item1 x="400" y="18" row="3" col="1">
#include_xml "item1.xml"

Have an Idea! Please Contact us:
General Project Development Project@InnoSoft.us
InnoSoft Related Question InnoSoft@InnoSoft.us
Windows CE Project CE@InnoSoft.us
Windows XP,7 Project XP@InnoSoft.us
InnoSoft Chief Program Engineer  
John Panicci ( Florida W.P.B, U.S.A) " The Skinner" JohnPanicci@InnoSoft.us
Hui Xi ( ShenZhen, China) " The Librairy" HuiXi@InnoSoft.us
Philippe Benoit ( Quebec, CANADA) " The Scripter" PhilippeBenoit@InnoSoft.us

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